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Knitting Tips

Please find below some useful knitting and yarn maintenance tips.

Washing Instructions


You should be very careful with washing. Always make sure you wash the knitted garment inside out, so that the right side is not so stressed. Always use a liquid washing agent - a mild or special wool detergent. Then there's no danger of soap residues remaining in the garment.

Don't treat woollen garments with softener because the wool would soon its elasticity. Yarns with "superwash" cannot handle softener at all. 

The symbol "Easy-care" in knitting yarns does not necessarily mean that these can be machine-washed, just that the garments made from such yarn can be easily washed and dry quickly.

If you're unsure or the banderole explicitly recommends it, wash by hand. Here be sure to follow the following tips. Knitted garments should never be soaked. This makes the yarn tangled and felted. When hand-washing don't rub or press the garment too much. Don't ever brush it or wring it out. Use cold or slightly temperate water and rinse the garment several times with clear water.

If the yarn is machine-washable select a programme with for delicates and a low revolution rate for the spinner. Only fill the machine to two thirds of its capacity. 

It's even better to select the wool programme, which most washing machines have these days. In this case there are no complete revolutions, the garments are just swayed back and for. Here only fill the machine to a third of its capacity.

  • Normal wash
  • Delicate wash, reduce the charge by a third
  • Special wool programme, reduce charge by two thirds
  • Hand wash

The numbers in the wash-tub are the maximum washing temperatures which should not be exceeded. The line above the wash-tub means a milder program.